Arriving in the South West of England via Los Angeles and Chicago, Larkhall is the alias of Charlie Williams, a composer-pianist and creative coder. Larkhall collides piano, visual art, technology, with a good helping of handmade machines to explore his classically influenced sound and immersive live performances.

Larkhall has self-released three albums in the last four years: The Sea Was Never Blue, Say You’re With Me, and the collaborative rework album And You Were which enlists the likes of James Yuill, Josh Semans, Ani Glass and Alex Hamilton-Ayres. His sound is strongly influenced by the classical format but seeks to break down traditional classical barriers through use of technology and playful invention.

Larkhall’s inventions include his ‘harmonics machine’, a device which changes selected notes on the piano to glassy, otherworldly sounds, and an AI system named Otto. Charlie cut his creative technology teeth back in the day working with software start-up Shazam building their audio-reactive “listening” animation. This knowledge fed into the development of Otto; a system which creates projected visuals that unfold in time with the structure of each composition played. Otto collaborates with Larkhall on stage, reacting in real time to the individual nuance of each performance.

In May 2023 Larkhall was awarded a substantial grant to develop Otto’s immersive capabilities is his live show.

Don’t miss the chance to experience Larkhall’s unique blend of music and technology in his upcoming performances.

“Complete genius and sonic exquisiteness… wonderful”
—Adam Walton (BBC Radio Wales)
“Masterfully understated and laced with a magnetic sense of melody”
“Amazing new music. Absolutely beautiful”
—Black Cat Radio